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president obama and congressional leaders need to reach a deal on the deficit. time is running out. we have the latest on where things stand. >> earlier today at the white house, the president leaned toward speaker boehner and said everyone agrees it is too hot to play golf. chitchat after the flash of anger we saw last night. >> we have now run out of time. what can they say yes to? where is the leadership? >> this meeting lasted less than an hour with the president demanding an update on progress. mitch mcconnell says he is working on a new plan, but house republicans hate his idea of giving the president power to raise the debt ceiling.
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speaker boehner said he is reportedly trying to avoid using this last-ditch plan even after he walked away from negotiations with the president. >> it is time to get serious and i am confident that the bipartisan leadership of the congress can act. if the white house will not get serious, we will. >> but boehner told his members this afternoon he is still trying to get the president to agree to up to $4 trillion in cuts. there was a deal that boehner walked away from that included cuts to medicare and medicaid. the two sides agreed to tax reform adding up to $800 billion, but then the president asked for $400 billion more. >> there is no changing of the goal posts here. >> speaker boehner wants to try to calm the markets before they open on monday, so he wants to
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reach a deal. but the clock is ticking. >> those ongoing talks will dominate tomorrow. here is a preview. >> joining me now is the host of this week. a turn this week in the summer long drama over raising the debt ceiling, the new gang of six proposal. how realistic is this? could it passed the senate? could it passed the house? is this a breakthrough we're looking for? >> there are a lot of questions there. there was a big flurry about that but now has died down. it does not look like it has -- like that one is the one that can pass. there was a big deal between president obama and speaker boehner. i'm told that is being revised. we will see. we have the drama as to when president obama -- whether president obama will agree to sign a short term -- whether it is by days -- agreement to raise
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the debt ceiling in case there is some deal to work out. there are incredible polls released detailing the mood of the country. they see their leaders grappling but not coming together on this big issue. you have the world still watching. of the market's still watching and you have the whole democracy thrown in. is allowing the bush tax cuts to expire raising taxes or not? >> the deadline is august 2nd. are we now close enough to that date that you think that on any given day, the market could break, there could be a herd mentality that causes major disruption in the market? ari we already at that risk point? >> it has not happened yet but certainly that is what everyone is worried about. you can see that despite
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everyone's saying yes we will, come what may, we must raise the debt ceiling you can also see that there is also almost like a herd mentality coming toward the momentum that the debt ceiling should be raised. the question is how. it seems to be policy in the united states these days that there will be this kind of brinksmanship right to the very end, even potentially to august 1st, and then waiting to see what will happen. i think a lot of people are saying that the debt ceiling will be raised. >> is it unusual to have a business editor from fox news appearing on abc? >> we are open to talking to anybody frankly, and we want to talk to him about this issue of the business right now. do not know how unusual it is. i have only been here for a few months. >> it sets the ground for you to make a special guest appearance on fox news perhaps.
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>> do not go causing trouble there, john. >> that is my job. anyway, it sounds like a great show, and we will be watching. >> you can watch right here on abc-7 tomorrow morning at 10:00. and now we have a warning for drivers on interstate 95 in maryland. power crews will be working for three weeks between rte. 198 en route 212. they will close one or two lanes at a time overnight. repaving work on the northbound lanes will start next month. since parking rates -- think parking rates are high in d.c.? think again. new york city has the highest parking rates in the country. drivers in midtown and downtown pay up to $40 an hour equaling more than five funder dollars a month. d.c. ranked no. 8 with a monthly
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fee of two under $60. case filed against the couple accused of crashing the white house dinner continues. one woman claims she paid the couple for transportation but the bus never showed up. she says the couple never refunded her money for the trip. >> they pick this up at a location we had said. we had 19 friends. we were going out for my graduation. of course supposed to take us to five different winery's. we had nothing. >> the case is expected to be back before a judge on august 3rd. seven news is on your side as some local hospitals receive accolades for the 23rd year in a row. johns hopkins was named the best
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hospital in the country by u.s. news and world report. when it comes to the best hospitals in the d.c. area, washington hospital center took the top five. that is followed by georgetown university hospital in fairfax hospital. still to come on our news extra a big troubles facing a high profile museum in virginia. we have all the details. plus the romantic comedy hits of the summer. we have our review of "friends with benefits." >> 102 degrees at reagan national airport this afternoon. what can we expect [ man ] i got
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>> there are some big troubles facing a proposed museum trying to tell the story of slavery in america. that museum was scheduled to open in fredericksburg virginia. the city has taken the property because of thousands of dollars owed in taxes. we have more on the controversy. >> the site of the u.s. national slavery museum remains closed and locked in definitely. the garden and future museum was intended to open as an important place to tell the story of slaves in america. donors include oprah and bill cosby. the property now belongs to the city because of almost a quarter million dollars in
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unpaid taxes. >> this week, the city treasurer sent a letter to the founder and former governor notifying him that the property would be put up for sale because taxes had not been paid for three years. >> we would much rather have the museum. >> the treasurer says he has not heard from doug wilder at all about the project. wilder has not return our phone calls. the last time he spoke to the museum board of directors he said he looked forward to aggressive fund-raising and believe 100% that the project could and would be completed. fundraising was suspended in 2008. now donors and future patrons want answers. >> he should be held accountable. you cannot be sweeping it under the rug, you know. they will come and get you. they want to find out where is the money. >> the city of fredericksburg
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will now advertise this 38 acres for sale at a price of almost $8 million. they say while they have not heard from anyone yet they expected given the location they will get many bids. >> still ahead -- >> another super hero and another romance at the movies this weekend. i am arch campbell with your best bets coming up. >> plus, steve rubin is back
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>> it was a brutally hot day today. >> it was. >> you cannot get enough relief. >> it is a good day to get a big bottle of water, right? >> stay hydrated. >> as we look outside you can see a little bit of a breeze on pennsylvania avenue, not giving much relief from the heat and humidity. high temperature ever international, 102 degrees. look at the low -- temperature at reagan international, 100 two degrees. look at the low temperature, 84. if we do not go below 84, this will make this the hottest day of all time and reagan international airport. it is 88 at the airport and feels like 95 degrees. 72 in wintergreen. the coolest temperature i could
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find, still a warm evening at the beach. 87 feels like 98. 88 in silver springs maryland. after a high of 101 degrees. temperatures are slowly, slowly cooling this evening. the heat index is the bigger story. heat advisory for the day tomorrow, not an excessive heat warning like we have had for the last couple of days. we will see temperatures around 1:00 at 2:00 approaching 105 degrees. we may see a few pop of thunderstorms that will help cool the atmosphere just a bit. those thunderstorms may become severe. that would include wind and heavy downpours. we saw a lone thunderstorm today. 95 degrees at this hour, he index, as we mentioned pushes
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that higher. just a few scattered showers to the north and west. it is quiet and dry at this time. as i mentioned we had that severe thunderstorm warning around 7:00 this evening. it did not amount to much. it fizzled out. future cast next 48 hours shows a better chance for showers and storms tomorrow afternoon and an even better chance for the storms come monday, and then slightly cooler on tuesday. here is our forecast for tonight, nighttime lows around 72-82 degrees. warmer temperatures closer to the district. tomorrow, with temperatures in the mid-90's, but it is going to feel about 8-10 degrees warmer than that. thursday our temperatures will cool and then warm again back to around 100 degrees by the end
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of the week. it is strange to think that we're calling tuesday cooled. it is going to be 90 degrees. check out." -- checkouts for our interactive radar. >> still to come, it is another big weekend at the box office. we review friends with
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>> is often said that romantic comedies are one of the hardest in genres to do well. so how are justin timberlake and mila kunis in "friends with benefits?" >> justin timberlake and mila kunis do their best to get physical but not emotional in "friends with benefits," the second movie this year to prove it never works. >> every place can be a bit lonely sometimes. >> mila kunis recruits justin timberlake for a job in the big apple. soon a more into bedroom buddies, but not lovers. friends with benefits rebids this year's no strings attached. this is pleasant, but do not
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expect anything new. a couple and a half stars. meanwhile, chris evans goes old school as world war ii hero captain america. captain america has great style, but his enemy looks like jim carey in a mask. two and a half stars. four stars for harry potter. four stars for midnight in paris. almost four four larry crown. three stars for horrible bosses, super 8 and cars two. a couple and a half stars for friends with benefits and captain america. bad teacher gets two and a half. two stars for zookeeper. have a nice weekend everybody. i am arch campbell,

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